What To Do About DIY: The rising challenge of DIY solutions, apps, and more facing security integrators

What To Do About DIY: The rising challenge of DIY solutions, apps, and more facing security integrators

As DIY security solutions, apps, and other services are adopted by businesses worldwide, security integrators must innovate to stay competitive. In addition to adding complexity to the process of securing these systems, DIY solutions can also replace the work of the more traditional security integrators, so in order to stay relevant, you must add to and advance those offerings to new and existing customers alike.

But what are your customers looking for? And what kinds of services and offerings really set security integrators apart in a world moving towards DIY solutions?

Personal, and personalized, service

Businesses are looking for, and expecting, a far more personal and personalized service from suppliers. This might mean customized solutions relevant to their unique business needs, as opposed to the one-size-fits-all approach many DIY services, taking into account the business activities, compliance needs, and markets of operation. Custom engineering could also be provided to ensure that customers can easily have their choices integrated. Offering personal help and support, in person, over the phone, or even using newer innovative technology products such as chatbots or WhatsApp Business to relieve pressure on service staff, means your customers feel better-taken care of, and safe in the knowledge they can reach out to their security integrator whenever they need them.

Keep your ear to the ground

The world of security, enterprise software, and advanced technologies is always moving forward — fast — so customers look for suppliers that are tapped into their industries, known as innovators, and are generally on top of the latest knowledge and trends. By showcasing your expertise in cutting edge cybersecurity and data protection methodologies, laws, and breaches, you’ll demonstrate to customers that they’re in capable hands with a supplier that will keep them up-to-date and best protected. You can also offer regular software updates and fixes to ensure your customers are receiving best-in-class technology.

Keeping your ear to the ground means more than looking outside the customer’s walls. It can also mean advancing your analytics platform to provide deeper and more actionable insights about a customer’s security system over time.

DIY to ‘Do It For Us’

With so many options for business security, providing advice and consultancy on which of the products make most sense for customers can position your business as one that is a helping hand and enabler. Adapting towards the managed service provider (MSP) model, as well as offering integrations alongside some of the latest broader technology trends — such as smart buildings and IOT — means that customers can turn to you to help them piece together a customized solution. The benefit of working with a security integrator, as opposed to a collection of DIY products, is in the system-wide approach to security assessment and subsequent protection. Working effectively and efficiently with customers, while also incorporating their chosen DIY tools, positions your business as the best of both.

When considering how to stay ahead of the curve in an ever-more saturated market, ask customers what they want and allow their answers to inform your innovation strategy. By addressing their aches and pains, as well as their unique aspirations, you’ll stand out in a crowded market to become their partner of choice.