Nuclias Cloud Helps Mogador Easily Scale-Up Wireless Infrastructure

Nuclias Cloud Helps Mogador Easily Scale-Up Wireless Infrastructure

Mogador Hotels & Resorts operate a range of hotel throughout Morocco. With guests’ expectations for Wi-Fi, as well as the demand for high-speed connectivity during events, the Group partnered with D-Link to establish the ideal solution.

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With multiple branches of the hotel located across the country, management consistency was difficult for IT administrators. The hotel’s existing network currently had no alert or warning systems for network failures,  so troubleshooting was incredibly difficult, and administrators would only know something was wrong once complaints came rolling in.


The hotel group’s IT team ran a pilot program in 3 locations, comprising 200 access points and 10 switches. With the test run’s promising results, the project was rolled out across all of the hotel’s other branches and locations.

Multiple SSIDs were configured, allowing the IT team to segment the network between business and guest access. Differing bandwidth rules can then be applied across different SSIDs, guaranteeing bandwidth for essential business functions.

The Nuclias Cloud single web-based dashboard provides a more secure, remotely-managed solution. It gives high visibility into users, devices, and bandwidth usage across the hotels’ entire network.   Furthermore,   it offers fine-grained management and detailed controls of all the organization’s access points and switches. Role-based administration allows different access levels and site permissions for the relevant staff, allowing the delegation of tasks and duties.


Mogador’s IT Team is now able to monitor, troubleshoot, and tweak settings anytime, anywhere.

Centralized cloud-based management enables Zero-Touch Provisioning, allowing for plug-and-play deployment without the need for additional configuration or an on-site network administrator. Previously, the Meetings & Events Team had to engage with a third party to set up and manage each and every new event. Now, with the ability to create unique SSIDs and adjust bandwidth allotments for each type of location and event, they can create a stable wireless environment, whatever the circumstances.

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The devices were mounted, powered on, and then were ready in just a few minutes.

— Mrs. Houda Fadil, IT Manager, Mogador Hotels & Resorts