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Growing Church and Education Center Effortlessly Doubled the Student Population on Their Network and Saved Thousands by Choosing Nuclias Cloud

Growing Church and Education Center Effortlessly Doubled the Student Population on Their Network and Saved Thousands by Choosing Nuclias Cloud
Hesperia Community Church and Christian School partnered with D-Link to deploy full network coverage across their 23-acre facility, incorporating an office building, a worship center, a chapel, a daycare, seven classroom wings, and a football field. Their student body increased from 240 students to over 500 in 2021.


Challenge: Growing Campus Needed Full, Wireless Coverage and Scalability with Incoming Students and Congregants

The facility needed a network refresh to accommodate an increased number of staff, students, and guests in various buildings on the property. They needed everything to work together seamlessly.

Ben Trahan, Hesperia’s IT Director, was in search of a solution that would provide dependable Wi-Fi across the campus, for everyone. He hoped he could find a system that offered an online dashboard for easy management, monitoring, and troubleshooting.

Solution: Nuclias Cloud Provided the Necessary Wi-Fi Coverage and Expandability to Accommodate Continuous Growth

Before contacting D-Link, the church and school were dealing with insufficient network speeds, inadequate Wi-Fi coverage, and regular connectivity issues.

As the IT Director, a campus pastor, and a teacher in the school, Ben was very aware of what the people needed and how he expected it to function. He and his team researched several companies but others in the same price category came up short in functionality. Only one other system had everything they were looking for including a cloud-based management dashboard. With a quote of tens of thousands of dollars less than its main competitor, D-Link was affordable and fit best within the budgetary constraints of the church and private school.  Another deciding factor was that Hesperia already had D-Link hardware in place and knew it was reliable.

When Trahan reached out to D-Link, the sales staff went over the product line, recommended the correct devices, and reviewed best practices for deployment. They were extremely accessible, knowledgeable, and able to find answers fast.  “There was never a time when I felt like I couldn’t get a hold of them!”

The transition to Nuclias Cloud was convenient and uncomplicated since they already had the cabling place. They simply unplugged the old switches, plugged in the new ones, and attached the access points with zero-touch configuration. As an added benefit, with Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices, they streamlined their VOIP phone system and eliminated the extra clutter of power adapters.


Results: Nuclias Cloud Provides Affordable, Stable Connectivity and Scalability During High Growth Period

With Nuclias Cloud, Hesperia created separate VLANs for all the staff, students, and guests and enabled the option for the system to create new VLANs as those in use became more crowded. This meant new students could be added without making any adjustments or affecting user experience, even as the school’s population nearly doubled in the year following deployment.

Devices never drop off now, connectivity is better across the property, and network traffic is manageable no matter who comes on campus. By upgrading 100MB devices to 1Gbps, the facility is no longer limited by hardware so they can finally take full advantage of the speed offered by their internet provider. They are even able to provide Wi-Fi access from the football field for families and fans.

The new network made it easy for the school to connect a smart TV and computer in each classroom. Streaming media and online learning applications work perfectly and students now have network access on all their devices for uninterrupted digital learning. Students and staff noticed the difference right away.

During a recent renovation, a wire in one of the buildings was accidentally disconnected, disabling a switch and two access points. Amazingly, with the reliable, extended reach of the Wi-Fi signal from the surrounding buildings, everyone in the affected classrooms remained connected and finished out the school year unaware of the issue.

Ben Trahan appreciates the simplicity and convenience of the Nuclias dashboard. With everything in one place, it’s easy to monitor the network, from any location, and keep tabs on resources in use. “I always know what’s going on and who’s using it.”  If there is an issue with a port or a switch, the system alerts him within minutes so he can resolve it quickly, before a disruption occurs.

Client Feedback

“I noticed the results immediately. The speed was there. The manageability with the dashboard was there. It was everything I was expecting at a fraction of the cost of the competition.” 

Ben Trahan, IT Director, Hesperia Christina Church

To learn more about Nuclias Cloud for your institution, email or call 888-326-1688.

Devices Installed:

DBS-2000-10MP – Nuclias Business Cloud 10 Port Switch – PoE Budget 130W

DBS-2000-28P – Nuclias Business Cloud 28 Port Switch-PoE Budget 193W

DBS-2000-52MP – Nuclias Business Cloud 52 Port Switch-PoE Budget 370W

DBA-2520P – Nuclias Business Cloud AC1900 Wave2 Access Point

DBA-2820P – Nuclias Business Cloud AC2600 Wave2 Access Point

DBA-3620P – Nuclias Business Cloud AC1300 Wave2 Outdoor IP55 Access Point

DBA-3620P – Nuclias Business Cloud AC1300 Wave2 Outdoor IP55 Access Point

Pre-Sales Consultation 

Device Overview and Training 

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