D-Link USA acquires D-Link Canada to become D-Link North America

D-Link Canada

D-Link Canada is excited to announce its acquisition by D-Link USA. The combined operations will be known as D-Link North America. The purchase of D-Link Canada will allow D-Link North America to streamline processes and focus the energy of the entire North American operations on its partners, customers, and end-users.

The centralization of the management of D-Link North America began last September with the consolidation of customer service and technical support and will continue with the optimization of all other functional operations over the coming months. The new corporate structure means greater buying power, increased market share, shorter lead times and better support to the North American business as a whole.

D-Link Canada has a long and successful history, a loyal customer base and a vast product line, all of which will continue to exist and thrive under the new corporate structure. For the end-user, the D-Link North America portfolio will continue to grow and evolve to include even greater user experiences and network functionality.

One company, one mission, one voice…with the D-Link North America Team running the new North American operations, we anticipate little disruption and expect improvements in every aspect of day-to-day business operations.

If you have any questions about what this means for your company’s business relationship with D-Link North America, please feel free to contact Brett S. Adair, Vice President of Legal Affairs - D-Link North America and Legal Director D-Link Pan-America, at brett.adair@us.dlink.com.