D-Link Switches Help Top Tech Designs Install Reliable, High Performing Security Systems

D-Link Switches Help Top Tech Designs Install Reliable, High Performing Security Systems


Based in Atlanta, Top Tech Designs, Inc. has been installing and servicing commercial and industrial security solutions all over the U.S., for over twenty years. Specializing in the Hospitality and Oil and Gas Distribution industries, they support many premium hotel brands.

Top Tech Designs recently completed a network expansion and physical security network upgrade for a high-end destination resort in Orlando, Florida. With D-Link switches as a foundation, they provided a more reliable surveillance streaming solution in their existing and expanded footprint and mitigated concerns over data loss.



  • Top Tech Designs was hired to upgrade 578 analog cameras to HD IP, to increase coverage and video quality across the site. They also needed to expand the system to include a new waterpark on the property.
  • The current system was outdated, utilized fiber links directly to analog video encoders, and lacked the dedicated switches needed to manage the system.

“The two biggest things we were looking for were a power budget and 10GbE uplinks to support the high number of cameras. Management capabilities to monitor and mitigate connectivity issues, and the ability to create and manage multiple VLANS throughout the resort were also a factor,” says Jeff Longmire, President, Top Tech Designs.


  • Installers placed new DGS-1510-52XMP switches in each IDF closet where cameras terminated along with DXS-1210-10SC and DGS-1510-52XMP switches in the security dispatch cabinet which served as the MDF for the surveillance system.
  • They also installed D-Link DIS-200G-12PSW industrial switches, in outdoor boxes, to manage cameras and monitor activity around the new water park at the property.
  • They implemented a 10GbE fiber backbone for the surveillance system. D-Link switches gave them the ability to monitor and control network traffic and the additional bandwidth made a significant difference when streaming live video from the large number of HD cameras.


  • D-Link’s PD Alive feature, which monitors the status of every camera (PD) and automatically resets them as needed, provides a huge benefit as it eliminates many service calls to the property.
  • Since the resort uses surveillance as a tool to verify and investigate the validity of claims, they require full functionality with no downtime. Increased performance and reliability from a system backed by D-Link hardware means substantial revenue savings in property and liability claims.

For Top Tech Designs, knowing what to expect from the hardware means avoiding pitfalls before during, and after installation. With standardization on D-Link switches, they can maintain continuity, simplify training, and achieve predictable performance and stability. Top Tech Designs and its customers can be confident in the integrity their systems provide.

Client Feedback

“For us, it is all in knowing what to expect from a product before we install it. We use D-Link on all of our projects. It is a standard tool in our arsenal. Complete product line, and products to fit every application that we come across.”

Jeff Longmire, President, Top Tech Designs, Inc.