D-Link 28-Port Gigabit Stackable Smart Managed Switch with 10G Uplinks | 24 Gigabit Ports + 4 10GbE SFP+ Ports| L3 Lite |VLANs |Web Managed |Surveillance Mode |NDAA Compliant - (DGS-1510-28X)

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Exceptional Power, Performance, and Scalable Network Architecture with Advanced Stacking

  • 24 Gigabit Ports for High- Speed Networking: Provides fast connectivity for 24 devices, supporting computers, servers, printers, NAS, IP cameras, wireless APs, peripherals, security systems, access controls, VoIP phones and more.
  • 4 10GbE SFP+ Uplink Ports: Facilitates high-speed connections, stacking capabilities, and fiber connectivity, offering improved flexibility and scalability for the network.
  • Physical and Virtual Stacking: Supports stacking of up to 6 units for physical consolidation and up to 32 units via D-Link's Single IP Management (SIM) for virtual stacking. Essential for resilience, streamlined management, and scalable networks.
  • Intuitive Web-Based Management and Full CLI: Offers an intuitive web interface & full CLI for effortless setup, monitoring, & management. Includes IGMP, MLD Snooping, LLDP/LLDP-MED, and dual image for robust, scalable networks.
  • Layer 3 Lite & Static Routing: Integrates IPv4/IPv6 routing and IP segmentation to boost performance.
  • Comprehensive Security Suite: Combines ACL, ARP Spoofing Prevention, IP-MAC-Port Binding, D-Link Safeguard Engine, and DoS Attack Prevention to help defend against threats.
  • Surveillance Mode with ONVIF Support: Streamlines IP surveillance network deployment and management by automatically detecting ONVIF-compliant devices.
  • Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS) bolsters network reliability and resilience with rapid failover to help maintain operations continuously.
  • Auto Voice VLAN: Prioritizes VoIP traffic automatically to a dedicated VLAN, ensuring clear, uninterrupted voice communication.
  • Energy-Efficient Operation: Utilizing D-Link Green 3.0 technology and IEEE 802.3az EEE, reduces power consumption and operational costs, aligning with eco-friendly practices.
  • NDAA Compliant: Meets strict regulatory standards, suitable for government and high-security enterprise projects.
  • 35+ YEARS OF RELIABILITY: Backed by D-Link's Lifetime Warranty, ensuring long-term confidence in the quality and reliability of your network infrastructure.

Elevates Smart Managed Switching: Layer 3 Routing, Scalable 10G Uplinks, and Superior Stacking Capabilities

The DGS-1510-28X from D-Link's DGS-1510 Stackable Smart Managed Switch with 10G Uplinks Series provides networks in need of Layer 3 management, scalable 10G connectivity, and advanced stacking capabilities. Equipped with 24 Gigabit ports and 4 10GbE SFP+ uplink ports, it supports a wide range of devices including computers, servers, printers, network storage devices (NAS), network switches, IP cameras, wireless access points, network-attached peripherals, security systems, access control devices, and VoIP phones. It features physical stacking of up to six units and virtual stacking via D-Link's Single IP Management (SIM). This switch excels in navigating the complexities of modern network demands, offering advanced traffic management, static routing, Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS), and Surveillance Mode with ONVIF support. With an intuitive web interface and comprehensive CLI, the DGS-1510-28X is designed to be accessible for all technical skill levels. Compliant with NDAA standards and supported by D-Link's lifetime warranty, the DGS-1510-28X reflects D-Link's 35+ years of network solution expertise, offering reliable and sophisticated networking experience.

Versatility, Dependability, Great Price

The DGS-1510 Stackable Smart Managed Switch with 10G Uplinks Series is favored across diverse sectors from Fortune 500 firms, government, hospitality, education and more. The broad applicability makes it best selling for its versatility, dependability, and great price.

Ideal Solutions for Varied Networking Needs:

This DGS-1510 Smart Managed Switch Series excels across a variety of sectors, providing prioritized traffic for VoIP and seamless integration for IP surveillance systems. It is particularly suited for technology-rich environments, educational institutions needing reliable access to digital resources, healthcare facilities requiring uninterrupted service, and hospitality businesses aiming to offer outstanding guest experiences.

  • High-Demand SMBs: Tailored for SMBs requiring robust networking solutions, leveraging 10G uplinks for seamless integration with servers and storage systems.
  • Advanced Surveillance Systems: Perfectly suited for powering and managing IP surveillance cameras.
  • Educational Institutions: Supports dynamic learning environments by providing power to essential classroom technology.
  • Hospitality Industry: Enhances guest experiences with reliable connectivity for Wi-Fi access points and smart room controls.
  • Retail Spaces: Supports retail operations by powering PoS systems, digital signage, and access controls, ensuring smooth transactions and a more secure environment.
  • Smart Buildings: Enables a connected, efficient building management system by powering smart lighting and security sensors.
  • Technology-Intensive Workspaces: Ideal for environments with heavy VoIP and video conferencing usage.
  • Healthcare Facilities: Facilitates various medical applications from patient monitoring to transferring large imaging files.
  • Research Institutions and Laboratories: Provides high-speed links to computational resources and data storage.
  • Scalable Networks and Simplified Management: The stacking capabilities of the DGS-1510 series make it an ideal solution for businesses and organizations looking to scale their network infrastructure seamlessly while simplifying management tasks.

DGS-1510 Stackable Smart Managed Switch Series: The Power to Perform: Elevating Network Management, Efficiency, and Scalability

Lite Layer 3 Management, Scalable 10G Connectivity, and Superior Stacking Capabilities

The DGS-1510 Stackable Smart Managed Switch with 10G uplinks Series stands at the forefront of D-Link’s smart managed switching solutions, tailored for businesses that demand a reliable, scalable, and efficient network infrastructure. This series provides versatility, offering models ranging from 20 to 52 ports, each equipped with advanced features to meet the needs of complex networks across SMBs, large enterprises, and educational institutions. With PoE capabilities up to 740W with optional DPS-700 redundant power supply support, the series caters to a diverse range of devices and scenarios.

The series highlights include robust PoE+, Lite Layer 3 traffic management, scalable 10G SFP+ uplinks, virtual and physical stacking capabilities. These features provide a future-proof network that can expand and adapt to growing organizational needs. Comprehensive security measures and Lite Layer 3 features like static routing enhance network efficiency and help safeguard against threats.

Each model within the DGS-1510 series supports critical applications in various environments. Whether it's facilitating seamless digital learning, helps continuous operations in healthcare, enhancing guest experiences in hospitality, or powering high-demand retail and commercial spaces, the DGS-1510 series is equipped to tackle today’s digital challenges. Notable functionalities such as Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS) for network resilience, Surveillance Mode with ONVIF support for optimized security operations, PD- Alive for enhanced PoE device reliability and energy-efficient performance underscore the series’ capability to meet diverse networking demands.

Ease of management through an intuitive web interface, comprehensive CLI, and D-Link’s Single IP Management (SIM) technology makes the DGS-1510 series a scalable and great choice for optimal network performance and enhanced security. With NDAA compliance and a lifetime warranty, the series not only ensures long-term reliability but also adheres to stringent regulatory standards, presenting itself as a wise investment for future-focused organizations.

Intuitive Web-Based Management with Surveillance Mode ONVIF Support 

Select Surveillance Mode in the Web UI to take advantage of easy-to-use surveillance features which enable you to manage your surveillance network effortlessly. It automatically detects your security devices and segments them into a dedicated Auto Surveillance VLAN to help handle video surveillance traffic more securely and efficiently.

Physical and Virtual Stacking

Supports stacking of up to 6 units for physical consolidation and up to 32 units via D-Link's Single IP Management (SIM) for virtual stacking. Essential for resilience, streamlined management, and scalable networks.

    Switch Type: Layer 3 Lite with Static Routing
    Type of Port Required: Gigabit Copper | Gigabit Fiber | 10 Gigabit Fiber
    Number of Ports: 28
    PoE Type Required: None
    High Speed Stacking: Yes
    Design: Rackmountable
    1000Base-T ports: 24 Ports
    10 GbE SFP+ ports: 4 Ports
    Switching Capacity: 128 Gbps
    QoS: Yes
    Spanning Tree Protocol: Yes
    Link Aggregation: Yes
    VLAN: 4K Groups
    Surveillance VLAN: Yes
    Jumbo Frame: 9K bytes
    Voice VLAN: Yes
    IGMP Snooping: Yes
    802.1X Access Control: Yes
    DHCP Server Screening: Yes
    SNMP: Yes
    Cable Diagnostics: Yes
    Energy Saving Technology: EEE Compliant | D-Link Green | RoHS 6 Compliant
    19" Rack Mountable: Yes
    Fans: 2
    Built-in PSU: Yes
    Dimensions (Size): 440 x 210 x 44 mm (17.32 x 8.27 x 1.73 inches)
    Web-based GUI: Yes
    Command Line Interface: Yes
    Types of ports: 10Gb SFP+ Ports | Gigabit Ports
    10Gb SFP+ ports: 4 ports
    Static Routing: Yes
    Switch Series: DGS-1510 Series

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      D-Link 28-Port Gigabit Stackable Smart Managed Switch with 10G Uplinks | 24 Gigabit Ports + 4 10GbE SFP+ Ports| L3 Lite |VLANs |Web Managed |Surveillance Mode |NDAA Compliant - (DGS-1510-28X)

      D-Link 28-Port Gigabit Stackable Smart Managed Switch with 10G Uplinks | 24 Gigabit Ports + 4 10GbE SFP+ Ports| L3 Lite |VLANs |Web Managed |Surveillance Mode |NDAA Compliant - (DGS-1510-28X)

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