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Piece of Cake: 10 Gigabit Connectivity for Café and Supermarket Chain

Piece of Cake: 10 Gigabit Connectivity for Café and Supermarket Chain
Justo & Bueno is a chain budget supermarket in Colombia. After identifying a gap in the market, a team of entrepreneurs began opening stores, starting with the first in the capital, Bogotá. The team also opened a chain of cafés called TOSTAO’ Café & Pan, offering low-cost pastries and coffee. The two businesses together have over 140 branches and franchises across Bogotá, Medellín, and surrounding areas, which now require one network to unify all branches.

For more details, read the full case study here.


With more than 140 stores, the solution needed to be expansive in order to connect all premises into a single unified network.

The solution is required to supply connectivity to not just shop fronts but also back offices and food storage warehouses. This demands versatility that can work in varied building layouts and meet a variety of requirements.

With the surge in branches and devices connecting to the network demanding connectivity, the company needed a lot more bandwidth to cope with this rising demand.


The DGS-3130 Series was the ideal choice for the switching, specifically designed to connect end-users in an enterprise environment.

The DGS-3130 has several redundancy features built-in, such as 6kV surge protection to protect the device and the entire network from suffering irrecoverable damage in the event of power surges. Ethernet Ring Protection Switching also protects the network against single-point failure, redirecting traffic instantly for zero-interruption.

Every Switch in the Series features six 10G uplink ports meaning there is more than enough backhaul to the network not just for today but for the company as it grows.

The Switch also hosts security features to better protect the network from malicious acts. Security is not just a threat to Large Enterprises, but also SMBs. Professional- grade security features offer the business high levels of security worthy of even large enterprises.


With a faster network in place, an overall increase in productivity was observed across the businesses.

With 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity now in play, the business and the network are future-ready. No matter what the changes are over the coming years, the switches will be able to handle it. High redundancy means the network experiences less downtime. There are fewer lost potential profits and lower maintenance costs with less downtime, helping keep the businesses’ overall OPEX down.

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