AQUILA PRO AI M30 Mesh Router System is in the News!


D-Link AQUILA PRO AI M30 Mesh Router System is the perfect Whole Home Solution to upgrade your home Network.  Sleek & Stylish and winner of the 2023 Good Design Award and 2024 Taiwan Excellence Award makes this mesh system not just a solution, but a statement piece in your home.  No need to hide these units, but don’t just take our word for it.  See what the press has to say about AQUILA PRO AI M30 Mesh Router System


  • Ray Shaw with Cybershack reviewed the AQUILA PRO AI M30 2-pack and says “a stylish new design reminiscent of Sally Fields Flying Nun’s hat. The design takes Wi-Fi coverage from a 2D circle to a 3D sphere, meaning better signal strength through the floor or ceiling coverage – suitable for some multi-level homes” Click HERE to read ray Shaw’s the entire AQUILA PRO AI M30 2-pack review.


  • Stephen Fenech with Techguide said “When is a router not a router? When that router looks like the D-Link Aquila Pro AI M30 which is designed to blend in or fade in to the background in your home.Read the full review HERE


  • Mark Sparrow with Forbes says “D-Link’s Aquila Pro AI M30 Mesh Router Is A Great Wi-Fi 6 Upgrade” Click HERE to read the full review