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3 Ways H.265 Cameras Can Help Companies and Schools Improve Surveillance and Potentially Save Money

3 Ways H.265 Cameras Can Help Companies and Schools Improve Surveillance and Potentially Save Money
High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), or H.265, isn’t a new technology. Originally approved in 2013, the codec dramatically decreased video sizes by up to 50 percent while maintaining video quality.

It’s great for anyone looking to reduce strain on their network and improve their surveillance video, especially businesses and schools that are hampered by continuously shrinking budgets.

In fact, here are three ways H.265 cameras can help companies and schools improve surveillance and potentially save money.

1 – Save or Better Utilize Storage

The first and most immediate benefit to H.265 is its ability to save storage space without reducing video quality.

For example, a 24-camera setup using the H.264 codec to record 24 hours a day at 15fps would need close to 55 TB of storage to store 30 days of video. The same setup using H.265 would only need about 27 to 33 TB.

Of course, if you already had 55 TB of storage reserved for video, you could instead use H.265 cameras to save higher quality video by bumping up the frame rate to 24fps. It would only use about 45-50 TB of storage.

How You Can Save Money: The average cost of a TB of storage is around 2.5 cents per GB, or $25 per TB. Reducing your storage needs from 55 TB to 30 TB would save you about $625. Depending on the costs, you could save even more if you pay for storage per amount used each month.

2 – Improve Streaming Video Quality

H.265 not only shrinks file sizes, it also reduces the amount of bandwidth needed to stream video. That’s good news for remote IT and surveillance network teams.

When networks become congested, video streaming quality can suffer. Processing software will sometimes drop the bitrate of the video when streaming live video. The result is video that looks blurry, fuzzy, or frozen.

By lowering the bandwidth required to stream video, H.265 makes it easier for your network to handle live streaming at the highest quality and reduce or eliminate video issues while streaming.

How You Can Save Money: The average business spends about $128 per Mbps on internet each month. Reducing the amount of bandwidth you need could help you drop down to a lower monthly plan and save money.

3 – Improve Security

Even if blurry video isn’t a problem, there’s still another reason why your surveillance system might be lacking—not enough cameras. Some companies don’t set up as many cameras as they would like due to network limitations.

That’s a problem, especially since a survey conducted by the University of North Carolina showed that cameras or surveillance systems deterred close to 60 percent of would-be thieves.

Because H.265 reduces the amount of bandwidth needed, it can increase the number of cameras you can add to your current network, helping you wipe out any blind spots.

How You Can Save Money: The average cost for all theft per business in 2016 was $2,721.28. Adding a few cameras could be enough to prevent theft and effectively pay for any new cameras that were purchased.


D-Link has a solid IP surveillance camera lineup that includes H.265 models. For more information on how we can help you with your security needs, contact your local vendor or reach out to us by phone or email.

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