24/7 Professional Home Monitoring that Won't Break the Bank

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How it works

A Person or Motion is Detected by your Camera
When your mydlink camera detects a person or motion, you can tap "Send Help" from the push notification, video playback or live view. This will send an alarm, along with the video clip to Noonlight*.
*User must have an active mydlink cloud subscription to send video clips to Noonlight
Noonlight Confirms Your Request for Help
A Noonlight dispatcher will immediately text to confirm they received your request and contact local authorities on your behalf.
Help is On The Way
Empowered with your homeprofile and verified video*, first responders arrive on scene ready to take action.

How it works

A Person or Motion is Detected by Your Camera
When your mydlink camera detects a person or motion while the system is armed, the associated video is sent to Noonlight for immediate review.*
*User must have an active mydlink Cloud subscription for the Professional Monitoring option
Noonlight Verifies Whether There is a Threat
A Noonlight dispatcher immediately reviews the video and verifies if a response is required. If there’s a threat shown, Noonlight will text and call you before contacting local authorities.
Help is On The Way
Empowered with your home profile and verified video*, first responders arrive on scene ready to take action.

Considerations Before Subscribing to Professional Video Monitoring

All triggered event clips are reviewed by trained professionals. It is important that users follow guidelines to ensure they are falling within appropriate use of this service. This may include:
- Adjusting the placement of your camera to avoid false triggers.
- Changing certain settings to reduce false triggers.

Here are some F.A.Q.s outlining best practices for mydlink users who are subscribed to Noonlight's Professional Video Monitoring:
- Person Detection and Device Placement
- Motion Detection

How it works

A Water Leak Sensor is Triggered
When your mydlink water sensor detects water, an alarm is sent to Noonlight for immediate review.
Noonlight Contacts You
A Noonlight professional immediately reaches out to you or someone on your contact list to alert you to the leak.
Here to make it easier
If needed, your Noonlight professional will provide a list of local plumbing services who you can contact to help with your emergency.

The Noonlight Difference
Noonlight Professional Monitoring helps to eliminate false alarms and enable prioritized response to verified emergencies.


Noonlight combines advanced technology, analytics, and human intervention to reach an industry low 1% false alarm rate.


Noonlight only shares relevant contextual data with first responders, getting you the highest priority response.


Noonlight works seamlessly with your mydlink Camera - no additional hardware or contracts needed.
  • 3M+ Protected Customers

  • UL Listed, Five Diamond Certified Monitoring Centers

  • 150K+ Emergencies Handled

Available on all LH series mydlink Cameras and Gen 2 & 3 Water Sensors

Including: DCS-8300LHV2, DCS-8302LH, DCS-8630LH, DCS-8526LH, DCS-8525LH, DCS-8010LH, DCH-S1621KT, DCH-S161

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